Our Vision

Sustainability through Responsible Management of Canada’s Wetlands

Our Mission

Secure Canada’s position as a global leader in the responsible management, use and conservation of wetlands based on sound science.

Our areas of focus

  1. Identify knowledge gaps for improved wetland sustainability.
  2. Motivate government and the public to conserve wetlands.
  3. Motivate the adoption of beneficial management practices that enable wetland conservation through responsible management.
  4. Inform the development of regulation and policy that support wetland conservation and sustainable use.
  5. Support action-oriented wetland conservation initiatives with measurable outcomes.
  6. Promote the measurement of and reporting on progress in wetland conservation.
  7. Communicate wetland conservation information to industry, policy makers and other stakeholders.
  8. Communicate the value (environmental, social and economic) of wetlands, and the goals and accomplishments of Canadian Wetlands Roundtable.
  9. Work in collaboration with the North American Wetlands Conservation Council (NAWCC) (Canada) to advance wetland conservation.