Using sound science to advance wetland conservation

The Canadian Wetlands Roundtable advances wetland science and communicates results to Canadians. We promote science-based best management practices to land managers and back information-based decision making by governments to promote sustainable development.

CWR has identified the following key science and information needs: a standardized approach to a Canadian wetland inventory and monitoring program, and methodologies to assign economic value to the services that wetlands provide to people.

DUC technician conducting research in the Fraser River Delta

A National Wetland Inventory

The wetland inventories underway in Canada are limited in Canada Wetland Inventory Progress Map. At a 2016 workshop, CWR members agreed on the need for a national wetland inventory or set of guidelines for regional efforts, and that monitoring should follow the initial inventory.

Following the direction from the 2016 workshop, CWR’s Wetlands Inventory Team is preparing a business case for a national wetlands inventory. The Team is dedicated to promoting and developing a national inventory to support responsible wetland management, protection and conservation. CWR has communicated with the federal government about the importance of federal investment in a national wetlands inventory, outlining key opportunities and proposing next steps.


Tools for Communicating Wetland Benefits

CWR held a national Ecological Goods and Services workshop in 2017 (PDF) with representation from stakeholder groups that could benefit from wetland evaluation tools. The workshop identified inconsistencies in the economic evaluation of wetland services. Proper evaluation is essential to creating sustainable incentive-based conservation and offsetting programs.

In 2018, Wildlife Habitat Canada funded CWR’s work to improve wetland conservation, protection and management decisions in a landscape and waterscape planning context through the development and promotion of effective and efficient wetland economic valuation practices. CWR is now developing a best management practices guide in advance of a CWR-hosted experts’ workshop planned for January 2020.