Encouraging wetland conservation and responsible management through partnerships

CWR seeks to expand its industry and conservation network through partnerships and collaboration.

CWR continues to conduct outreach to various sectors with wetland interests that are not currently represented on our steering committee or contact list.

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North American Wetlands Conservation Council (NAWCC)

NAWCC Canada and CWR have in common some participant organizations and an interest in wetland conservation. CWR’s terms of reference respect the traditional roles of NAWCC to ensure that CWR plays a complementary role. NAWCC Canada’s membership is predominantly government and select NGOs, whereas CWR also includes industry associations and academics. CWR serves as a comprehensive partnership that can campaign around a broader range of issues.

Supporting Ramsar in Canada

CWR helps coordinate and deliver the objectives of Canada’s commitment to the Ramsar Convention on Wetlands of International Importance. CWR figured prominently in Canada’s last report to Ramsar.

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